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Individual tier status: These icons represent the status levels which are recognised based on the number of Invisalign treatments carried out by an Invisalign-trained doctor during the previous calendar year.

Pin bd 6b841343ebe103cb0da3bbdf877a710272eeb5c29314969533b061b097d2ac09 Black Diamond
Pin diamond 378d2f2ffb397091bcb98e237560b9a10c31fad3afe7769819c61f6cb089fb99 Diamond
Pin platinum elite eb3ec80936fd5b0b7ca530dce219c84108470f39e6b67a228bbd5ae8ecbe6f0a Platinum Elite
Pin platinum 8d8f6e59f59f68c69a8096a8d19ee0ce46a5ea35b4fba3ae1e43092b2ae5988c Platinum
Gold pin e5613de8a8e842564b7a42ec29965fac1aad24f26e8bae2f926f76926f8b704f Gold
Pin silver a07a44730685b6dbc46f31207bbd41167ff435dc6c249d2063a0ddf0ac2bf06d Silver
Bronze pin 0e2d4d3eb2997baf6f9f57e960db5cee55677564b430c1bd1832c6a58bb2f850 Bronze

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